HO GoldMP Decoder:
To simplify stocking, ordering and pricing, LenzUSA will only be offering the HO, GoldMP (Wire Harness Supplied W/NMRA 8 Plug).

We are discontinuing the Gold JST( No Wire Harness Supplied) and the Gold JSTW (Wire Harness Supplied W/O NMRA 8 Plug).

The GoldMP can be used as a GoldJST or a Gold JSTW and pricing is similar. Most users elected to keep things flexible and the majority ordered the Gold MP!

Product News 2011

Interfaces according to NEM 651 (6-pin) or NEM 652 (8-pin) no longer suffice for locomotives with a variety of functions (such as sound, remote-controlled coupling etc.).  Therefore, we have developed the new PluX Interface.  With 21 pins, this interface is equipped for the developments of the future.
The standard (NEM 653) stipulates interfaces with 8, 12, 16 or 22 pins, one being reserved for the anti-twist safeguard.  Another advantage of the PluX Interface is that it is downward compatible which means that, for example, a 12-pin PluX decoder can be plugged into a 22-pin interface.
To begin with, we will expand the Digital plus decoder family with the SILVER PluX-12 which combines all advantages of the SILVER + and the PluX Interface.

New Products: Lenz Agency of North America

Lenz Din Panel:
This an Express Net fascia panel that can be used in conjunction with the LA152 or by itself, Like the LA152, the Lenz Din Panel can be connected by daisy chaining to multiple panels using modular cables. The Lenz Din Panel is a lower cost option for multiple Express Net fascia panels.

MSRP: $19.95