LS120 Accessory Decoder

The LS-120 is specifically designed to control LGB#12010 switch machine turnout motors. It is waterproof and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

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General Information

The accessory decoder receives the commands send by the central command station through the power module and controls the switch machines on the turnouts (or the other devices). The commands are initiated from your Input Devices, such as the Basic Hand Held LH100, the Tower Cab LW100, the Computer Interface LI100 or the command station converter module LC100 (in connection with an Arnold Digital or Märklin Digital= system, or ROCO 'Digital is cool' or LGB Digital).

The accessory decoder LS120 is specifically designed to work with the LGB EPL-drive. The LS120 has two outputs enabling the use with two different turnouts or signals with EPL-drive. Each output can be connected to two EPL-drives simultaneously, which presents an advantage for crossovers, as both turnouts can be connected to the same output.

The sealed enclosure of the LS120 makes it ideally suited for use on outdoor layouts.

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Programming the LS120

Before connecting the LS120 to the EPL-drive, you have to decide which number to assign to the accessory decoder, the address of the accessory decoder has to be programmed.

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Programming using the Command Station LZ100

For this mode, you will need the Command Station LZ100 and a Hand Held LH100. Furthermore, we are assuming that you are familiar with the controls of these units, that they are correctly set up and switched on.

Figure 1: Connecting the LS120 to the programming output of the command station. The connections to the Hand Held and the transformer are omitted for clarity.

As shown in figure 1, please connect the red and black cable form the LS120 with the programming output (terminals P and Q) on the LZ100. Please connect the EPL-drive as shown to the white and orange cable. On the Hand Held unit, please select the programming mode (please consult your manual for the LH100 or the system manual for further information).

The address is stored in memory location 1. Please select the memory location 1 on the Hand held and press the 'Enter' - button. Please enter the turnout address for the LS120 and confirm the programming by pressing 'Enter' again.

The accessory decoder is now programmed for the correct address. In case you receive an Error-message, please proceed as follows:

Error probable cause
ERR01 There is a short circuit on the programming output. Please check the wiring and try again
ERR02 The LS120 is not confirming the programming. The EPL-drive is not or incorrectly connected. Most likely, the LS120 is still programmed for the correct address.

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Programming using the Power Station LV100

This programming mode can also be used after installing the unit.

Figure 2: Connecting the LS120 for programming by the LV100. The connections to the Hand Held and the transformer are omitted for clarity.

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Connecting the EPL-drive to the accessory decoder LS120

Figure 3 shows the connection between the EPL-drive and the LS120

The red and the black cable supply the LS120 with energy and switch commands from the terminals J and K of the Power Station LV100. If you not only select your accessories digitally, but also run your engines digitally, terminals J and K are connected to the track. In that case, you can connect the LS120 to the track at any point on your layout, simplifying the wiring.

Figure 3: Connecting the EPL-drives to the LS120. The wiring of the Command Station, the Hand Held and the transformer are omitted.

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