New! SILVER+ Series Locomotive Decoders

We are pleased to introduce our New SILVER+ Series decoders that incorporate the highest performance possible with Silent /Back emf capability, RailCom, unparalleled short and overload protection. Ultra-thin for tight places, the one-sided SILVER+ decoder introduces a radical change in both performance and economical price. The SILER + decoder is currently shipping.

Add to this all the high end DCC features common in Lenz Decoders, plus a broad array of advanced lighting features and function mapping capabilities.  SILVER+ decoders have 2 (mini) or 5 built- in functions, which can be configured to one or more of the 29 NMRA defined DCC functions. The decoder operation (such as switching speed and braking delay) can also be configured by up to 3 additional function inputs.

All the SILVER and SILVER+ decoders come with our leading 10 year warranty and can have their software upgraded using the Digital Plus decoder programmer even after the decoder is installed in the locomotive.


Asymmetric DCC:

Location Specific Commands

When operating a model railroad it is often desired to have some trains under operator control and others running in the background. 

Asymmetrical DCC allows your layout to come alive even if you only have one operator.  You can also use asymmetrical DCC to enforce speed control through important sections of your layout or to stop a train in a siding, in the station, or before an occupied rail crossing. In order to achieve the operation you want with Asymmetric DCC, check out the different levels of block management.


Full Bi-Directional Capabilities

RailCom introduces a whole new generation of capabilities for DCC by providing for the first time the ability of a DCC decoder to communicate performance information back to the command station.

  • Fast locomotive identification 

  • Decoder initiated information

  • Track train location

  • Fast read back of CV values while programming on the main

  • DCC command acknowledgement



Features include:

*         Super smooth and silent high frequency back-emf motor control

*         Full RailCom  NMRA DCC Bi-directional support*

*         Five function outputs rated at 500mA each  (SILVERmini 2)

*         Each function output supports F0-F28 with simplified function mapping

*         Directional or independent lighting with dimming and special effects

*         Support for automatic uncoupling control

*         Asymmetric DCC support including directional stopping*

*         Adjustable precision stopping control

*         Low speed gear for switching operations

*         Selectable for operation with 14/27, or 28/128 speed steps

*         Operation on conventional DC layouts is possible or can be disabled

*         Motor output = 1A continuous, 1.6A max, > 5 A stall (mini: .5 continuous, )

*         Motor and function outputs protected

*         Support for Advanced Consist Control and Extended Addressing

*         Support for all forms of programming as described in RP-9.2.1 & RP-9.2.3

*         Supports service mode decoder lock

*         Size: L 0.90" x W 0.65"x H 0.12"   L 23mm x W 16.5mm x H 3.0mm 

*         Size: SILVER mini L.40 x W.30 x  H .11

*Note: the SILVER+ Direct and MP version decoder is suitable for motors that have very high (6 amps and more) stall currents but do not peak over 1.8 amps







Maximum continuous current-carrying
     capacity of total decoder





Motor output - Continuous / peak /
     locked rotor stall

0.5A /0.8A

1.0A/ 1.8A/
>5 Amps

1.0A/ 1.8A/
 >5 Amps

1.0A/ 1.8A/
 >5 Amps


Functions/ current capacity

100mA each

100mA each

100 mA each

100 mA each

Total current-carrying capacity of function







Direct Pins on board

NMRA 8 pin. plug

NMRA-21 socket for locomotives that have 21 pins


L 0.40 W 0.30
H 0.11

L 0.71" W 0.51"
 H 0.18

L 0.91" W 0.65"
H 0.12

L.82" x W .61" x H .21"

*Patents Pending
**Digital plus by Lenz, trademarks of Lenz Elektronik GmbH

 Warranty Information

SILVER+ PDF manual

SILVER21+ PDF manual

SILVERmini+ PDF manual

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