LE075 NMRA DCC Decoder

World's smallest DCC decoder suitable for Z and larger scales now comes in an improved version based on the proven LDE 33 chip. The decoder sports 14/27 speed steps and directional headlight control. The decoder is rated at a continuous current draw of 1/2 Amp. The LE075 is compatible with all DCC systems currently on the market. The two part construction allows this decoder to be tucked away into most N-Scale locomotives and many Z-Scale locomotives without removing massive amounts of locomotive weight.



L .63" x W .44 " x H.145" , L15,5 x B11,4 x H3,6mm (receiver part)

L .41" x W .325" x H.11" , L10,5 x B 7,6 x H2,6 mm (rectifier part)

Important note for Locomotive Decoder LE075

The assignment of wire colors for LE075 has now been aligned with the new NMRA-DCC/NEM standards. Therefore the wire color assignment is now also identical with all other DIGITAL plus Locomotive Decoders. In the following table the colors for the wires of the older LE075 and the colors for the wires in the new LE075 are cross-referenced. Note that if the decoder has a brown wire the decoder is of the older style while if the decoder has a gray wire it is of the newer style. When installing an LE075, please be careful to check to ensure which version you have as improperly installed wires could result in damaging the decoder.

Old color New color Remarks
black orange motor
red gray motor
blue black track
white red track
brown white light front
yellow yellow light rear
orange blue connection chip - rectifier

Before installation, check to see which decoder version you have in front of you. You can most easily determine this based on the wire color used for the connection chip rectifier. Incorrect installation will lead to the destruction of the decoder!

CVs Supported:

The LE075 only supports 4 CVs which are programmable using any DCC Command Station that supports Register or Paged Mode.

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