Set-01 V3
Professional Grade NMRA DCC Systems

V3 of Set-01 represented a whole new generation of NMRA DCC control.

Set 01/4 is no longer produced but we include the following information for our customers who invested wisely and participated in our upgrade path. These system retain their worth and can operate on the highest version of our software thus providing access to today's higher DCC operating capabilities. Our Set 100 has replaced the Set-01.

Version 3.0 iprovides a host of revolutionary features designed to unleash the power of DCC, while maintaining an easy-to-use user interface.  Our objective for Version 3.0 has been to allow you to concentrate on operating your trains and not spend your time trying to understand your DCC system.  Following are some of the new features:

Smart Locomotive Address Allocation - 2 digit, 4 digit, basic addressing, extended addressing. With all the choices DCC can be confusing.  Not so with V3!   In V3 you simply select an address by entering the locomotive address and the system automatically decides the form of addressing to use to control the decoder.

Smart Consisting - Smart consisting is a form of advanced consisting, where the command station maintains a database of the consist information.  This allows the Engineer to operate the consist from either the consist address or from any locomotive address from within the consist.  To make the operation even simpler you can scroll between any locomotive within the consist using a single key.  This allows easy access to function control from any locomotive from within the consist.  It also allows you, as the engineer, to go to any locomotive cab to run your train.

Smart One-Step Programming - DCC is rich in features but sometimes this richness makes it hard to use.  With our Smart One-step programming the system sets all the required CVs for you.  For example, when you want to set the decoder's address you enter any number from 1-9999.  From this value the system decides for you what CVs to set and sets them all for you in a single step.

Smart Function Control - Version 3 supports the control of all 13 DCC locomotive functions. You can easily configure any of the functions between F1-F12 to be either on/off or momentary for each individual locomotive.  The database within the LZ100 remembers this between operating sessions.

Smart Layout Feedback Control -  V3 has full support for layout feedback and remembers the last setting made for each accessory decoder so that all devices know what the last turnout position that was thrown even if the decoder does not support layout feedback.  This also works for signaling and other layout control features.

Dynamic Locomotive Queuing - V3 has unprecedented performance and is designed for precision sound control. Function control and speed changes are sent to the locomotive immediately, while refresh packets are sent as time permits.  All 31 operators can be performing sound control without any perception of latency delay.

Advanced NMRA DCC Functions - 9999 locomotive addresses, Advanced Consisting, Double Heading, access to all 13 NMRA DCC functions, 14 27 28 or 128 speed control, programming on the main, support for all forms of service mode programming plus the ability to reset decoders to factory default, support for 1024 accessory decoders addresses and much more.

XpressNET Control Network - Set-01 V3 now supports the advanced XpressNET system network for high speed access to all system devices.   This lets you have access to a large multitude of devices from a growing set of DCC manufacturers, who support XpressNET.  For backward compatibility V3 also supports the older X-Bus protocols allowing you to operate either style of device on the network.

Components of your DIGITAL plus Set 01 V3

For over 10  years, Set 01 was our premier professional grade starter set sporting such advanced features as support for 31 simultaneous operators, complete layout control features including a layout feedback system for computer control or signaling,  With version 3.0 you have full support for all the advanced NMRA DCC features.  We do all this while maintaining an easy to use interface that is intuitive for model railroaders to use and comfortable in your hand.

Set-01/ 4 contains threecomponents: an  LH100 Handheld, an LZ100 Command Station , a 52 volt amp  LV101 Power Station.

Visit our new LH100 Virtual Guide for a complete LH100 Tour!

The DIGITAL plus Set-01   Version 2.3  was the first complete DCC system to ship that earned the NMRA prestigious conformance warrant.   Lenz GmbH is proud to be a participant in the NMRA Conformance and Inspection Program. We feel strongly that this is an important program for both the manufacturers and the modeler. As the world wide leader of Digital Command Control products, we are strongly committed to this program. Set-01 V3 is currently being tested by the NMRA and we hope to be able to display the NMRA C&I warrant shortly for this system.

Since first introduced in 1993, Set-01 has gone through a set of improvements.  Version 3 is not simply a minor improvement, it represents a completely new NMRA DCC system using the basic hardware from the previous versions.   But inside the case much has changed.  Our LH100-V3 is now powered by a powerful microprocessor with 64K of flash memory allowing easier and less costly upgrades in the future.  The software in the LZ100 now takes full advantage of the hardware we have been shipping for a number of years to provide you with superior performance no matter how big or small your layout is. Set-01-V3 contains all the most popular features while maintaining its intuitive user interface. 

The capabilities of DIGITAL plus are to a large extent determined by a software program running inside each component. The advantage of this approach is that new functions can be adopted simply by changing the software. It is not necessary to purchase a new system. It is also easier to implement suggestions for improvements from model railroaders this way.  

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Set-01 System Design
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LH100 V3 Manual in PDF Format
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Set-01 FCC Statement in PDF Format
Set-01 Warranty Statement in PDF Format
Obtaining a Version 3 Upgrade

System design of DIGITAL plus Set-01 V3

architecture.gif (41044 bytes)


DIGITAL plus is designed with a non-proprietary open architecture. Each device in this distributed architecture contains the intelligence necessary to provide support to the external device it is supporting. This distributed architecture provides exceptional performance and allows us to add new capabilities without impacting existing devices.

The heart of the DIGITAL plus communication architecture is the high speed XpressNet based on the worldwide RS485 standard. XpressNet provides the data exchange between input devices and the command station. XpressNet consists of a 4 wire twisted pair connection. XpressNet may be up to 1000m. (3300 feet) long and can support up to 30 simultaneous input devices. XpressNet is the highest performance communication network in the DCC industry, providing the modeler with exceptional growth possibilities. Many DCC manufacturers are now building XpressNet components which will allow you a wealth of flexibility in selecting components for your model railroad.

The 2 wire Control bus connects the command station to as many power stations (boosters) that are needed to power the layout. All DIGITAL plus power stations and command stations follow the proposed NMRA Control Bus RP and all DIGITAL plus power stations are optically isolated to allow safe connection to all forms of layout wiring including common rail wiring.

DIGITAL plus provides the capability for a separate 2 wire feedback bus to provide a connecting link between command station and feedback capable modules. A separate bus was chosen to provide maximum performance even in the largest of layouts.

Quick Setup

In order to operate your DIGITAL plus DCC system you will need some track, a locomotive and an external transformer. (Note: While a single transformer is sufficient for operation, we recommend an separate transformer for both the LZ100 and the LV101)

Connect the transformer to terminals U and V. For HO scale and smaller, the transformer output voltage should be 16V AC or DC. In order for the Power Station to give off its full 52 Volt/Amp ratting, the transformer also needs to be able to deliver an output current of at least 4A (64VA). Use a suitable, UL listed transformer designed for model trains. The allowed maximum effective output voltage of the transformers must not exceed 18V AC or DC.

The track is connected to terminals J and K.

The Power Station receives command information from the Command Station via terminals C and D. These terminals are connected to the corresponding terminals on Command Station LZ100 with a 2-wire cable. To reduce radio interface, these wires should be twisted.

For best results the LZ100 should be powered by a separate transformer.  The UL approved TR16 is an excellent choice of transformer for this purpose.

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