LI101F High Speed XpressNet Computer Interface

The LI101F Computer Interface

High speed connection of your Digital plus system to a computer. All functions of the system are available to computer programs through an RS232 interface to your computer and a 4 wire connection to XpressNet. Data transfer rate can be set from 19.2 K Bits/second to 115.2 K bits/second, 9 pin SUB D jack, connecting cable included.  Enclosed CD includes configuration software and several demo programs.   For use on all XpressNet systems.

   Interface for connecting a PC to a Digital plus by Lenz  system.

   All XpressNet functions supported by the command station can be controlled via the PC (by means of suitable software sold seperately).

   Baud rate settable (19,200; 38,400, 57,600 and 115,200  Baud).

   RS232 and XpressNet interface.

   LI101F Tool: Software enclosed for setting the baud rate and XpressNet address. This software operates with Windows 9x, 2000, ME, and XP.

   All cables required are included in the package.

   Additional information and data protocol on enclosed CD

   Small, space-saving housing. W 3 1/2 x H 1 x D 1 3/4 in


The luminous diode (LED)

The LED of the LI101F indicates operational readiness. Constant shining of the LED indicates that the device is in operation and communicating with the command station. Constant flashing, however, indicates that the LI101F is unable to communicate with the command station. Possible explanations are:

  •  Another Handheld has placed the command station in programming mode (a decoder is being read out or programd on the programming track).

  • The A or B line of the XpressNet are either not connected or wrongly connected.

  • The LI101F is the seventh device being used by the Compact (or Atlas Commander). These system only support 6 XpressNet devices)

  • The LI101 has an XpressNet address not supported by the system. (SET02/03 only support XpressNet addresses 1,2,3,29 and 30).

  • The command station is not addressing the XpressNet devices (damaged command station).

The "LI101F Tool" Program

Included with he LI101F is a software tool that is serves to check the communication between your PC and the digital system and to configure the LI101F. The use of this tool instantly checks out the entire PC to command station communications and can also be used to configure the device.

When the program is started, the PC will immediately try to communicate with the Digital plus by Lenz  command station via the interface. The program assumes that the interface is connected to COM1 of your PC. (If you have selected a different available RS232 port, you simply set the selected COM port in the program).

If the connection has been correctly established, the program window will display the relevant information about the Digital plus by Lenz  system being used and the LI101F interface.  The tool also lets you configure the LI101F's baud rate and XpressNet address.

LI101F manual in PDF format

Commercial Software for the LI101F

Configuration Software for the LI101F

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